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May 19, 2013 11:30am EDT
, and it was in a warehouse in kansas city, and that's where the effects of the dead were shipped from six kontmentsin, and they accumulated over time in an extraordinarily powerful way. they would put together the affects from some dead kid from new guinea or from france. they would clean the blood stains off of his uniform and his web gear. they would take out the pornography or the letters from a girlfriend you didn't want to see the grieving widow to find, and they would pack it all up. and in the meantime, there were typists banging away in an adjacent room, 70,000 letters a month, ultimately, in 1945. and the gist of it was, dear sir, dear madam, we have your dead son's stuff. where should we send it? that's what war is. >> war is also about returning the remains back to america and the effort there was unbelievable, as my colleague from "playbook," mike allen, wrote about this week, writing about the war, the book. >> yeah, we were a victorious nation and a wealthy nation, and we could afford to give the next of kin in 1947 a one-time option of whether to repatriate your de
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1